What we do

From 1 to 888888 users

We provideSAP Business Oneconsulting, development, support and implementations.SAP B1 is thebestERPsoftware package for growing organisations.

We will be more than happy to provide, implement and support SAP Business One as the organisational template for yourbusiness.

We provide low cost upgrade options for installations with their official SAP support deadline past due.

We canreverse-engineeran existing system andyour old SAP B1Add-Onsand upgrade it all to properMVCcode which will pass the test ofmajor SAP system upgrades, evenif you do not happen to have the original source code. We know how and we consistently follow written and unwritten guidelines for SAP SDK DI and UI connectors.

We canreplace your XLReporter and the likes withSQL + VBA + ODBC + Excel reports so you can own your reporting platform end to end.

No job too big

We are open for business globally. We buildbespoke softwareforApple,Microsoftand SAP Business One platforms, including iOS, macOS, Windows, .NET, DI and UI SAP Add-Ons.

We are ready to meet your reasonable timescales while building OEM software for your brand.

We specialise in translating and upgrading old, broken code bases to modern Objective-C,Swift or VB.NET.

No job too small

Weconsultand provide full scope IT support for successful local business and posh residents inChobham,Ottershaw, West End, Bisley, Knaphill, Woking,Weybridgeand surrounding areas.

We specialise in leaving no unhappy customer behind.

We are friendly and helpful, try us out, please and thank you! :-)

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