Right here right now,
we had enough.….


Episode 0


It is a period of struggle.

As the laws of the land are being vandalized and ignored by so-called 'politicians', people suffer inevitable failures of socialist policies.

Life saving treatments are being denied and healing technologies delayed for decades by unelected, uneducated, ego-maniacal and ever power hungry bureaucrats.

Fake news and corrupt schooling systems keep people at low wisdom and in permanent dependency, enslaving generations in structures which excel at creating opportunities to do evil.

Playing dishonest game with ever changing rules is no fun, so we have to quit.

Proper Code Ltd is honouring all its existing agreements, but we are no longer accepting new customers nor starting new projects in mainstream economy.

We will be happy to see you at Galt's Gulch instead.

mailto:help@propercode.co.uk if you lost your way to there…

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